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Collective Bargaining Agreement
Collective Bargaining Agreements

Bargaining Update

CVEU began bargaining for the 2024-2025 school year. CVEU met with CAVA on 5/1 and 5/16. There are 2 more scheduled bargaining meetings. The next bargaining meeting is May 29th. The CVEU bargaining team presented proposals for Article 8 (Evaluation), Article 11 (Workday) and Article 13 (Compensation), aimed at improving working conditions for the 24-25 school year.

You can find a copy of CVEU and CAVA's proposed article changes here.

Note: Proposals are under negotiation, and not final language. 

In addition to the bargaining table negotiations, subcommittees will be meeting with CAVA to negotiate shared sessions and evaluation rubrics. A healthcare subcommittee has also been formed to research and prepare for future years. 

2023-2024 CVEU Goals

We want to make CAVA and Insight schools that ensure the success of students and teachers. 

​To continue to grow our effectiveness and solidarity, we have made the following goals:

  • Association: Increase active membership

  • Communication: Increase interaction with internal and external stakeholders (all members, legislators, charter schools, school board members, etc.)

  • Bargaining: Actively pursue unilateral changes, collective action on bad practices, educating members about the contract

Upcoming CVEU Events

  • CVEU/CAVA General Member Meetings 4pm​, Last Tuesday​​

    • 5/28 

    • No meetings in June and July. Enjoy the summer break!

  • CVEU New Hire Orientation 

    • Attend one meeting Monday at 2:45pm. See your welcome email for more information! :)

Missed a meeting?

Read our Monthly Newsletter for the latest updates. 

Find info on CTA Conferences* here: 

*If you are interested in attending a CTA conference, please fill out this interest survey and learn about reimbursement options. 

 Show your solidarity with CVEU: Virtual Backgrounds and Logo 


California Virtual Educators United Executive Board

CVEU President Speaks at the CA Dept of

Nicole Piper


Marla Friedler
Insight Liaison


Nancy Mauri
Vice President


Jenni Clark

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Amber Blodgett
Rep Liaison


Amy Koller


Angela Young
Membership Liaison

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